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Luciana Aciero, founder of the ACIERO design studio dreamt of creating a well-fitting and exclusive clothing line for smaller-sized women. In between designing and creating dresses for herself. Luciana started painting, initially on canvas, patterns and forms that she wanted to see on fabric. With this skill and a strong desire to see her work on everyday products. Luciana started painting on silk scarves. To share her designs to a larger audience, she converted these designs to a digital print collection.

Consulting Services At Aciero

In addition to our designing expertise in product design reflected in our beautiful collection of scarves designed in Amsterdam, London and Tokyo ; We also offer a variety of consulting services at the studio


  • Paid Ads SMM
  • SEA Google Ads
  • SEO Google search optimisation
  • Analytics

Branding & Graphics

  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Product Development
  • Content Management

Promotional Video production

  • Product Photography
  • Content Strategy
  • Product Design

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